Remembering el Dorado

Remembering el Dorado.

 It is the old story of the quest for the greatest fortune of all time. The most powerful and the greediest people in the world came for the treasure hunt first. After came the pirates, the treasure hunters, the vagabonds and the thiefs. Most of the time only these people have been considered to be involved in this quest.

Nonetheless, as soon as the voice was spread, all kind of professionals, eminent professors, political and religious leaders from all around the world left their posts to conquer the treasure. There were many thinkers,  left wing and right wing activists from every part of the world

Apparently even alien visitors came down to earth just to look for the gold.

It as thought to be the fountain at youth first, the old myth according to which people who touched it gained eternal beauty and inmortality. As soon as the thousands of people went to America they found that rumors pointed toward a different yet equally important treasure:

It was the biggest fortune ever imagined, which comprehended blocks of gold, all kinds of jewellery, coins and billets from every part of the world, the fountain of youth and a special futuristic device which gave its user eternal knowledge of the outcomes of the stock exchanges in the whole world. They called this quest the quest for el Dorado.

The quest for el Dorado led to tremendous wars which also led to famine and the near destruction of all humanity. The first to be crushed in battle where the huge and enormous companies and firms their executives and the military men and ambitious politicians who entered the amazon (placed where el Dorado was thought to be located).

The firms and companies entered the amazon humiliating local, indigenous people tricking them into false or hazardous deals. The quest of these greedy firms ended when they met the ambitious military men and politicians.

Although top executives and their companies had an advantage over resources and some private technology military men and politicians had the weapons and all the strategy to confront them. The encounter between these groups led to a 1000 days war which led to no survivors.

The next group, this is professors, scientists intellectuals and other eminent scholars almost came to near good approximations on the location of the gold. At first there was some consensus and apparently the expedition was going in a Good direction.

But, why were academics and scientific minds interested in the quest for el Dorado? This was based on a legend and only in rumors. Any respectable scientific academic or intellectual would refute to participate in this quest. The reason behind this interest was of course, the economic endorsement received by the corporate sector and simply the greed of many of these men.

Internal conflicts were the main reasons for the fragmentation and the failure of this group. Despite this problems began when different theories challenged the established paradigm. The established paradigm contained partial elements of the content and the place of the treasure yet it needed alternative and challenging theories which were never accepted.

More over the rivalry between different disciplines also obstructed the quest. Furthermore, the best academics and scientific minds were did not participated in the quest for the treasure, although they did speculated on the nature of it.

Finally other kinds of people also participated on the quest of the treasure. Many of these people decided to stay near the villages of the amazon conquering and submitting local people.

All of the efforts to find the treasure were not successful. Everyone was invited to find the treasure of el Dorado, although these expeditions were not successful for two main reasons. The first one is that the treasure of el Dorado is not tangible, it did not consisted in material wealth as all of the groups believed.

In second place el Dorado cannot be found. It is already at the reach of everyone. It is in the soul of every human being, it is in earth it is in space and it is in all living creatures. It is independent of hate and abuse and greed and all sincere religions, scientific trends, intellectual endeavours honest corporate initiatives can participate have it and can reach it. It is the universal message of wisdom, peace and love.




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